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Hotel Paradise

by Dark Horse Flyer

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released July 18, 2016

Recorded and Mixed at The Clubhouse, Rhinebeck NY
by Paul Antonell

Assistant Engineers – Bella Lasko, Ru Lerner, Mike Dwyer

Special Thanks to Craig Snyder – Production Engineer

Mastered by - Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering

Produced by - Don Mularz and Scott Lane

* * * * *


Tower of “who cut the power?” Horns

Tony Aiello – Tenor and Baritone Saxophone

Don Harris – Trumpets

Marshall Gilkes – Trombone

Horns arranged by Bob Taylor

Beth Cohen – background vocals

Robbie Dupree – harmonica on Highway 27

* * * * *

CD Design and Graphics – Steven Shepard, Neo-Genesis.Net – Photography by David Aday

Additional Photos by J. Skolnick, Larry Marano, Brad Perkins and Scott Lane

Album cover and foldout concepts – Don and Scott, cruising down the Hudson Valley



all rights reserved


Dark Horse Flyer Coconut Creek, Florida

Dark Horse Flyer’s thought provoking songs, virtuosic three-guitar frontline, and ass-shaking rhythm section put the South Florida-based sextet alongside “songwriters with chops” artists like Gov’t Mule and the Black Crowes. And the band’s fascinating story of artistic determination and friendships imbues its music with inspiring truths of life. ... more

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Track Name: Coconut Jive
Went down to the neighborhood bar
there were ladies by the score
shook my head and I couldn’t decide
which one I wanted more
so I asked the closest to me
can I take you from this dive
she looked at me and calmly said
“don’t you hand me that Coconut Jive”

Coconut Jive
ain’t enough to keep a girl alive
Coconut Jive, hey you
come on, baby don’t hand me that Coconut Jive

Found myself an ocean girl
I thought I had it made
had our Planter’s Punch beneath
a palm tree in the shade
I said lets go to my place
it wasn’t far to drive
she thanked me for her drink and said
“I’ve had enough Coconut Jive”

Tried my luck some hours later
called her on the phone
said this balmy moonlit night’d be
wasted on my own
she said to come on over
invited me inside
and then she whispered in my ear
“how I love that Coconut Jive”

Coconut Jive
ain’t enough to keep a girl alive
Coconut Jive, hey you
come on baby don’t hand me that Coconut Jive
come on baby don’t hand me that Coconut Jive
come on baby don’t hand me that Coconut Jive d. mularz
Track Name: High Five

I used to see you walking home from school
all by your lonesome as a general rule
so sad, but kids can be so cruel
things are different now, you’ve made the scene
you’re on the cover of some magazine
I knew you when, but this is oh so now

And if we chance to meet
so sweet
‘cause baby you can hear the buzz like bees in a hive
now that’s a real high five

I play some jazz for a dwindling crowd
sing Deacon Blues and drink your big Black Cow
well I’d, toss it in, but I don’t know how
I’ve never been the man I used to be
a broken branch out of the family tree
so bad, they had to cut me down

But I can be discreet
let’s skip a beat
‘cause baby I can make your senses come alive
and that’s a real high five

From what they tell me,
it’s lonely at the top
life’s a whirl
but for a while we can make it stop

“We’ll have to do this all again sometime”
I hear the words but read between the lines
oh yeah, the planets do align
that was fun, but now it’s crystal clear
she and I exist on different spheres
curtain calls, it’s time to take my bow

But for a little while
we smiled
at second thoughts and might get caughts, the keys to survive
another real high five
Track Name: Monroe County Line

I’ve never been a violent man
but I don’t run from a fight
minding my own business
seems to keep the lid on tight
the Redneck Riviera’s where
this trouble all began
and now I’m driving south
with someone’s blood wet on my hands

don’t you worry, baby
yeah, I’ll be doing fine
just as long as I can get across
the Monroe County line

I got no use for bullets
but I have my fillet knife
I grew up in a fishing town
I’ve lived there all my life
when times are hard there’s money
hauling bales on up the coast
yeah, meet up with some ‘Bama boys
and then make like a ghost

don’t you worry, baby
things will work out fine
just as long as I can make it to
the Monroe County line

I got a nose for trouble
It’s gotten me this far
and I don’t like the way things smell
behind this backwoods bar

It wasn’t money in his hand
just a smoking gun
I stabbed him when he shot my partner
now I’m on the run
flying down the Stretch I’m in
a dead man’s pickup truck
flashing lights and sirens tell me
I’ve run out of luck

doesn’t matter baby,
that I can see the signs
‘cause the Sheriff, he just stopped me
at the Monroe County line
don’t you worry, baby
oh, I’ll be doing time, on
some road gang pulling weeds
below the Monroe County
the Monroe County line
Track Name: Out Of Time
Out of Time

I guess I’m running out of time
there’s less before me now
than what I’ve left behind
and it’s not ours to know
the days that lie ahead
for me and you the words
are better left unsaid
Maybe I ran out of patience
tired of all the complications
but in the end we just ran out of time

I guess I’m running out of time
but I don’t know if that’s
by chance or by design
and if I wrote the story
of the life that I have led
would I think of all the things
I should have done instead
The past is gone but not forgotten
you might cross my mind too often
but in the end it’s just a waste of time

I guess I’m running out of time
there’d be no sense in turning back
should I be so inclined
‘cause win or lose the path you choose
will take you heaven knows
until that car runs out of gas
on down some gravel road
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you break
you try and learn from your mistakes
but in the end you just run out of time
Track Name: South Miami Midnight
Down in a South Miami bar
shooting 8-ball just for drinks
there was a woman at the bar, drink in her hand
smiling, she gave me a wink
I tried to keep my mind on the game
but I was having trouble with my cue
so I walked right up to those painted lips
saying, “honey what you wanna do”

someone pulled a sharp knife
said she was a good wife
South Miami midnight
my feet hit the floor
I didn’t have to hear any more
into the night,
hoping it’d be alright

Walked down Collins late one night
with the moon hidden by a cloud
neon palm trees lit my way
flashing out at the crowd
I passed a no tell motel, another
run down palace of sin
nobody cares where the hell you’re going
or the way things might have been

not a very good life
hidden from the daylight
South Miami midnight
I headed for home
and sat on the beach all alone
a bottle of rum
waiting for the morning sun

Took the helm of a rich man’s runner
I thought the job was in the bag
looking for the freighter floating the dope
flying a Columbian flag
I passed the lights of hotel row
as they faded off starboard rail
weighing the chances of making it rich
or landing my ass in jail

running from the searchlights
putting up a good fight
South Miami midnight
I headed for shore
I didn’t have to see any more
turning I saw
the long arm of the law

d. mularz / s. lane
Track Name: Mambo Mama

Sittin’ in the smokey lounge
of some run down hotel
you came breezin’ through the door
the music cast a spell
my feet were tapping rhythm
fingers popping fast
well I screwed up my courage
and said to you at last

Mambo Mama, come dance with me
You pretty little thing your lovin’ sets me free
Mambo Mama, come take my hand
If you feel it tonight I’ll be your mambo
I’ll be your mambo man

I couldn’t tear my eyes away
as we began to dance
you looked like the come on
in a crooked game of chance
the band was sweatin’ bullets
the stars in heaven fell
the devil must have turned you loose
like a bat right out of hell


I thought you were a good girl
but I was wrong
and now I sit and wonder if
I’ll make it to the dawn
I’d leave you if I could girl
but my heart’s flown
and I’ll look out for your love babe,
like a bad dog guards a bone

d. mularz
Track Name: You Don't Play Nice
You Don’t Play Nice
You and me
I guess we don’t see eye to eye
you misbehave then tell me
“Honey, that’s my style”
if life’s a lesson
then I’ve learned a thing or two
but I still haven’t figured out
the tangled web that’s you
if I haven’t made it clear enough
I’ll be more precise
you don’t play nice

you don’t play nice
you don’t play nice

I know the game is crooked
so I’m in quite a fix
I finally got wise to you
and all your little tricks
like a stick of dynamite
when it begins to sweat
you’re not safe to handle
just ‘cause you ain’t blown up yet
every minute that I spend with you
I’m just tumbling dice
you don’t play nice

This game we play’s a lover’s
russian roulette
but I still pull the trigger thinking
I might win this bet
your love might be the death of me
I just hope it’s quick
when it’s all been said and done
yeah, I got in my licks
we’ve been cooking up this gumbo
and baby, you’re the spice
‘cause you don’t play nice

d. mularz
Track Name: A Car With Fins
A Car With Fins

I was thinking, there’s got to be a way
life was better, was it only yesterday
the times are changing
and it’s a cryin’ shame
I just want what we had before
fall in love, with the girl next door
play on a team that wins
drive a car with fins
I want American dreams

Trouble’s waiting, everywhere you turn
people hating, will they never learn
I won’t play Abel
to my brother Cain
you know my daddy, he won his war
nice to know, what you’re fighting for
play on a team that wins
drive a car with fins
live that American dream

I remember, how it used to be
home of the brave, land of the free
there’s no denying
it’ll never be the same
I just want what we had before
fall in love, with the girl next door
play on a team that wins
drive a car with fins
I want American dreams

I just want what we had before
find the key, to the candy store
play on a team that wins
drive a car with fins
live that American dream

play on a team that wins
drive a car with fins

d. mularz
Track Name: Highway 27
Highway 27

Work all day and drive all night
to see my son and my ex-wife
she said “you just don’t understand”
now my life is lived by another man
yeah, we make our own hell or heaven
mine’s down Highway 27

Truck stop ‘cross the county line
God and the Devil just passing time
have they called my number, well here’s my soul
Devil said “our coffee is getting cold”
God just said “don’t bet on hell or heaven –
you can’t get there from Highway 27”

I don’t know what’s coming next
nothing good is my best guess
can’t see for the driving rain
smoke from fields of burning cane
headlights split the dark of night
nothing in this world seems right
airbrakes shriek and tires squeal
Death’s behind the semi’s wheel
ditch to the right canal on my left
I can’t stop the road’s too wet
no time to pray no last regret

This is all the life I get

Tell my son I’ve gone to heaven
straight from Highway 27

d. mularz
Track Name: If I Could Get You Alone

Well, I’m not a prophet
with the key to the Promised Land
but I’ve got a healing touch
right here in my hands
will you guard your secret heart
until the trumpets blow
do you think you’re safe behind
the walls of your Jericho

Well, I can’t tell the future, but this I know
they’d fall to the ground those, walls of stone
if I could get you alone
if I could get you alone

Now it’s time and circumstance
on every lover’s list
of what’s fair and isn’t fair
for every stolen kiss
sixty minutes each and every hour
you can count them all no doubt
but the measure of a lonely heart
is what it lives without

My dreams are like dragon’s teeth I’ve sown
they’d rise up and breathe fire of their own
if I could get you alone
if I could get you alone

If I were a thief of hearts
with a poet’s sharp blade
then my words would cut right through
the veil of your masquerade
don’t you feel the magic
anytime I hold you near
I’d stand against an army’s might
till your doubts disappeared

Well I’m not a king who’d claim his throne
but I’d pull the sword right from the stone
if I could get you alone
if I could get you alone

d. mularz